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【og视讯平台】Ex-factor: One in four men still dreams about past girlfriends.英1/4男性经常哭泣前女友The battle against the green-eyed monster is hard enough at the best of times.平日里风平浪静的时候和妒忌不作斗争就早已够艰苦了。Now though, jealous women have even more to worry about. A new study has revealed that one in four men regularly dream about their ex-girlfriends.但如今,爱人妒忌的女人们有更加多必须担忧的了。一项新的调查说明了,四分之一的英国男性常常不会哭泣自己的前女友。And the results, released today, revealed that the men in question were not necessarily pining for their exes by day. In fact, the majority reported high levels of satisfaction with their current relationship.今日公布的这一调查结果显示,不会做到这种梦的男人不一定白天不会思念前女友。

事实上,他们中的大多数人报告说道对现在的恋情很失望。It is not just ex-partners that British men are dreaming about either.经常出现在英国男性梦中的也不是只有他们的前女友。While romantic-minded girlfriends might allow themselves to believe they are the subject of their mans dreams, they are likely to be usurped during nighttime hours by their partners colleagues or boss – with 26 percent saying they dream of workmates – or even their mother-in-law.爱情的女人们或许不会让自己坚信她们是男友梦中的主角,但在男友的梦中,她们的方位很可能会被男友的同事或上司代替。26%的男性说道他们不会哭泣同事,甚至不会哭泣丈母娘。

Conversely, over a third of British women say they spend their nights dreaming about their current partner, followed closely by dreams about their parents and their children.与此相反的是,多达三分之一的英国女性说道她们晚上一般来说不会哭泣自己的现任男友或老公,其次是哭泣她们的父母和小孩。The Dream Study, carried out by Premier Inn, asked 2,000 Brits about their dream patterns to come up with the findings.英国酒店Premier Inn积极开展的这一梦境调查告知了2000名英国人的梦的类型,从而得出结论了这些结果。It found the close friendships women tend to hold also impact on their dreams, with a third of women claiming their dreams frequently feature their friends.调查找到,亲近的友情也不会对女性的梦产生影响,三分之一女性称之为自己的好友常会在梦中经常出现。

However, it seems women are just as capable of fantasy, as 20 percent say they frequently dream about people they have never met.然而,女性或许也擅于幻想,20%的女性说道她们常常不会哭泣自己从未见过的人。The stresses and strains of everyday life also affect the way we dream, with 31 percent of people saying they dreaog视讯平台m about important things that are playing on their mind.日常生活的压力和开销也不会影响我们做到的梦,31%的人说道他们不会哭泣心头大事。Given the current economic climate, its unsurprising that 20 percent of Brits dream more if they are under pressure, demonstrating that it is increasingly difficult to forget about work.在当前的经济环境下,有20%的英国人在压力下更好地不会哭泣和工作涉及的事,这并不怪异。这指出英国人要想要把工作抛掷在脑后将不会更加无以。