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og视讯平台_Pinocchio may be just a children’s fairy tale, but Spanish scientists at the University of Granada recently investigated the so-called ‘Pinocchio effect’ and found that our noses don’t grow when we tell a lie, but actually shrink a bit.《匹诺曹》或许只是一个讲给孩子听得的童话,不过,西班牙格拉纳达大学的科学家最近显然研究了所谓的“匹诺曹效应”,结果找到,我们在说出时鼻子会逆大,而是不会增大一点。Dr Emilio Gómez Milán and his team developed a lie detector test that used thermography to tell if people were lying, and found that whenever participants in their research were being untruthful, the temperature of the tip of their nose dropped up to 1.2 degrees Celsius, while the temperature of their forehead increased up to 1.5C. Scientist also found that drop in temperature at nose level actually caused it to slightly shrink, although the difference is undetected by the human eye.埃米利奥·戈麦斯·米兰博士和他的团队研发出有一种检验试验,用热成像仪来辨别人们否在说出,结果找到只要参与者一说出,鼻尖的温度就不会上升多达1.2摄氏度,而前额温度不会下降多达1.5摄氏度。科学家还找到,鼻尖温度的上升不会造成鼻尖稍微增大,不过这种差异是人的肉眼所无法察觉到的。One has to think in order to lie, which rises the temperature of the forehead,” Dr. Gómez Milán explained the findings. “At the same time we feel anxious, which lowers the temperature of the nose.”戈麦斯·米兰博士在说明研究结果时说:“一个人在说出前要先想一想,这不会造成前额温度增高。


与此同时我们又深感情绪,这不会减少鼻尖的温度。”For this study, researchers asked a number of 60 students to perform various tasks while being scanned by thermal imaging technology. One of these tasks involved calling a 3 to 4 minutes call to their parents, partner or a friend and telling a significant lie. Participants had to devise the lie themselves during the call, and the thermal caog视讯平台meras picked up this ‘reverse Pinocchio effect’ caused by the fluctuation in temperature in the nose and forehead.在研究中,研究人员请求60个学生在拒绝接受热光学技术扫瞄期间继续执行了多项任务。其中一项任务就是给父母、伴侣或朋友打3-4分钟电话,说道一个大谎。

参与者在打电话过程中要自己编成谎话。于是研究人员就通过热光学摄影机捕捉到了鼻子和前额温度波动引起的“反匹诺曹效应” 。


Interestingly, the thermal lie detector picked up the temperature difference in 80 percent of test subjects, which is a better rate of success than that of any modern lie detector.有意思的是,热光学测谎仪捕猎寄居了80%的测试对象的温度差异,成功率比任何一种现代测谎仪都低。With this method we have achieved to increase accuracy and reduce the occurrence of “false positives”, something that is frequent with other methods such as the polygraph,” said Dr. Emilio Gómez Milán, who added that law enforcement interviewers could one day combine other lie detection technology with thermal imaging to achieve better results.埃米利奥·戈麦斯·米兰博士说道:“用这种方法我们提升了检验准确率,减少了误报的发生率,而用测谎器等方法常常不会经常出现误报。”他还说道,执法人员部门负责管理审问的官员有一天将能把热光学技术和其他检验技术融合一起以超过更加精确的结果。The thermal lie detector has been dubbed the most reliable in the world, 10% more so than the popular polygraph.热光学测谎仪被称作世界上最可信的检验设备,比广泛用于的测谎器准确率要高达10%。