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og视讯平台-Tencent, the operator of the popular messaging app WeChat, has shut down dozens of WeChat accounts for promoting the services of Uber, a ride-sharing app.风行聊天应用软件微信所在的腾讯公司,近日重开了微信应用于平台优步(Uber)的十几个微信公众号。The move came after Ubers rivals, including Lyft in the United States, GrabTaxi in Southeast Asia and Didi Kuaidi in China, had announced a global ride-sharing partnership to vie with Uber. Tencent had a major stake in Didi Kuaidi.这项措施再次发生在优步的竞争公司宣告正式成立全球微信软件合作关系以对付优步后。这些公司还包括美国的Lyft,亚洲西南地区的Grab Taxi和中国的滴滴慢的。


值得一提的是,腾讯是滴滴快的的主要股东。Users of Uber who posted the shutdown of the Uber-related accounts have voiced their doubt about Tencents move, saying it is using its monopoly to fend off Uber. But Tencent said the closed accounts had violated rules and were suspected of collecting users private information, according to a Saturday report from Beijing Times.在优步的微信公众号被打压后,优步的用户开始批评腾讯公司的这一措施,他们称之为避免优步是一种独占不道德。但是《北京时报》周日的报导称之为,腾讯回应优步被封号是因为他们违背了条例,并因涉嫌搜集用户隐私。



Uber also took a counter-measure on Weibo, another social networking site backed by Alibaba, calling on its users to stand on its side.优步官方则在由阿里巴巴反对的社交网站——微博上采行了反攻,声援用户车站在他们这一方。Wang Yichao, vice director of Ubers public relations, said on its verified Weibo account that Tencent fell short of providing evidence to support its accusation that Uber is doing malicious marketing activities.优步公关部副主任王毅超在微博证书账号上讲话称之为,腾讯没证据证明优步有蓄意营销的不道德。

It is not the first time that a popular Internet service has been blocked by another. Taobao, an online-shopping platform operated by Alibaba, blocked visits from WeChat in 2013. Tencent later blocked the music sharing of Xiami Music, in which Alibaba has a stake. JD.com, with which Tencent has signed a cooperation deal, also blocks Alibabas payment platform Alipay.这不是第一个被别的应用于屏蔽的风行互联网应用于。阿里巴巴旗下的网购平台淘宝在2013年就被屏蔽了。腾讯公司之后还屏蔽了阿里巴巴持有人股份的虾米音乐。

而和腾讯公司签定了合作协议的京东也屏蔽了阿里巴巴旗下缴纳平台支付宝。Before this, Ubers official WeChat account was already blocked by Tencent in March.此前,优步官方微信账号在三月份早已被腾讯封号。