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Oleg Artemyev, 47, surprised Ivanka, a senior adviser to her father, when she was given the chance to chat over the phone with crew aboard the International Space Station (ISS).在特朗普的高级顾问–也就是他的女儿伊万卡,与国际空间站的宇航员展开连线时,47岁的奥列格·阿特米耶夫给了她一个惊艳。The cosmonaut seized the chance to show his affection while he was on the line to her.在和伊万卡通话时,这位宇航员逃跑了机会,传达了他对伊万卡的爱慕。Artemyev said: I think you are a very kind and nice person. When I see you on TV and the news, my mood improves and rises.阿特米耶夫说:“我指出你是一个十分心地善良的人。


每当我在电视上看见关于你的新闻,我的心情就不会好一起。”Ivanka smiled and revealed she was pleased to be able to speak to the crew as she had always had dreams of doing their job.伊万卡笑着透漏,她很高兴能和宇航员说出,因为她仍然梦想着做到他们的工作。She said: I always wanted to go into space. You are fulfilling my dream up there.她说:“我仍然想要去太空。

你在那里构建了我的梦想。”After the live chat with the astronauts, she toured a mock-up of the ISS in Houston, Texas, and checked out the spacesuits.在与宇航员展开了动态聊天后,伊万卡又在德克萨斯州的休斯顿参观了国际空间站的模型,并检查了宇航服。The 36-year-old Whitehouse aide also met students competing in a robotics competition and her tour ended with her test-driving a robot built by them.此外,这位36岁的白宫助手还会见了参与机器人竞赛的学生,并以试驾这些学生生产的机器人而完结了她的参观之旅。