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og视讯平台:IOS10发布 超级Siri+一堆新功能


og视讯平台-On its annual developer conference, Apple revealed new versions of its key software for its phone, tablet, watch and Mac products alongside new AI features and opening up Siri to third party apps in abid to rival Facebook, Google and Amazons smart assistants.苹果公司在一年一度的开发者大会上展出了为其手机、平板电脑、手表和Mac产品开发的新版本关键软件以及近期的人工智能特性,并通过竞标形式向一些第三方应用于对外开放Siri,与脸书、谷歌和亚马逊的智能辅助服务竞争。Craig Federighi of Apple revealed iOS 10, which he said was the biggest ever overhaul of the firmsiPhone and iPad software. The software has been redesigned to include new smart notifications that use the iPhone 6Ss 3D touch. They can include live status updates for apps such as Uber. Voicemails will also be automatically transcribed into text, and a new feature will warn if an incoming call could bespam. The messages app also now includes a new emoji prediction feature, along with the ability to include handwriting and video previews, as well as new bubble effects including invisible ink and the ability to change text sizes. Developers will also be able to create their own effects with Message apps.苹果公司的克雷格·酬劳德里吉称iOS 10是对iPhone和iPad的软件系统所做到的“史上最完全改建”。经新的设计的新系统还包括全新的智能通报,融合了iPhone 6S的3D触碰技术;新的通报中还不会还包括一些应用于如Uber的动态状态改版。

语音信箱不会自动切换为文本,还有一项新功能是如果电话有可能是骚扰电话,系统不会收到警告。短信应用于现在多了一项全新的表情符号预测功能;除此之外,短信中可以重新加入手写及视频预览;还有还包括隐形墨在内的全新气泡特效;还可以转变字体大小;开发人员也可以在短信应用于中建构自己的特效。Siri will also be utilised in the firms new smart keyboard to try and understand what the user wants to type. It can learn what a user wants and make suggestions for replies. It can also access a users calender and fill in information in other apps.Siri不会应用于苹果的全新智能键盘中,尝试解读用户想要打什么字。


Apples AI will also be used in a new Photo app to recognise people in pictures on the handset, and even identify objects and scenes. The new app has a memories section, which brings together pictures and video from trips in one place. It can even put them together to automatically create AI movies of holidays.苹果的人工智能技术也将应用于全新的摄影应用于中,以辨识手机照片中的人脸,它甚至能分辨物体和风景。这款全新的应用于中包括记忆组件,可以将旅途中拍摄地同一处的照片和视频归集一起,甚至可以在此基础上自动分解人工智能假期影片。Maps has also been redesign to take on Google with smart suggestions based on a users location or calender, with a new navigation app.地图应用于也经过新的设计,使用谷歌地图,甚于用户的定位或日历来获取智能建议,并有了全新的导航系统应用于。


Eddy Cue revealed a new version of Apples music app. It has been completely redesigned from the ground up said Cue. It has a beautiful new design – the music is the hero.埃迪·库伊展出了全新的苹果音乐应用于,库伊说道这个应用于早已“从头到脚”几乎新的设计过了。“它享有崭新、可爱的设计界面,而音乐是其主角。

”Cue also revealed a new News app, which now has 2,000 publishers on board. Users will also be able to subscribe to magazines and newspapers, and the app will show breaking news notifications.库伊还展出了新版的新闻应用于,现在它早已包括2000份出版物了。用户将可以通过它订阅者杂志和报纸,新闻应用于还不会启动时脑溢血消息到通报系统中。Federighi also unveiled a new version of HomeKit, which allows people to control home appliances from their handset. A new Home app will allow people to control their lights, blinds, locks and other smart appliances from a single app. It will use the Apple TV as a home hub, allowing people to remotelyaccess their devices.酬劳德里吉还展出了新版智能家居平台,有了它,人们就可以通过手机掌控家用电器了。



iOS 10 will be available in the fall, with a beta version set for the summer.iOS 10将于今年秋天月公布,而夏天就不会有试用版套装。。