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Galaxy S8逆境重生 三星第一季度净利润创3年新高:og视讯平台


og视讯平台-Demand for memory chips and flat screens for televisions and phones has given Samsung Electronics its best quarterly profits in three years.对内存芯片以及电视、手机的平面显示器的市场需求,早已使三星电子公司取得了三年来最低的季度利润。The South Korean tech giant reported a 48% jump in operating profits to $8.8bn for the three months to March.据报导,这家韩国的科技巨头,其一季度的运营利润同比攀升48%,超过了88亿美元。

Samsung said it expected further growth in memory chip orders and a pick up in earnings from its phone business.三星方面回应,内存芯片的订单未来将会更进一步减少,并且其手机业务的收益也将回落。It is relying on its new Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones to help rebuild its reputation after the Note 7 fiasco.在Note 7失利之后,三星公司主要依赖其近期的Galaxy S8和S8+智能手机修复其声誉。Last October it had to scrap the Galaxy Note 7 after recalling 2.5 million handsets. Batteries were blamed for overheating in the phones, which caused some of them to catch fire.去年十月,在该公司解任了250万部Galaxy Note 7之后,这款手机被迫遭退出。

其电池造成了手机短路,进而再次发生了一些发生爆炸事件。The two S8 devices launched last week and no sales figures are yet available, but Samsung said pre-orders had been 30% higher than for the Galaxy S7 in 2016.上周,Galaxy S8和S8+对外公布,虽然尚不销售数据发布,但三星方面回应,其订单数量首页比2016年公布的Galaxy S7要多出了30%。Despite the financial success, Samsung remains mired in scandal with its de-facto head Lee-Jae Yong on trial over his alleged role in a corruption scandal that brought down South Korean President Park Geun-hye.尽管经济状况有所恶化,但三星公司仍身陷丑闻之中。