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【og视讯平台】Australian doctors told not to prescribe homeopathic items as ‘they do nothing顺势疗法没效果,澳大利亚赞成医生进涉及的处方Royal Australian College of General Practitioners says pharmacists should not stock such products because there is no evidence they are effective in any way. The official body for Australian GPs has asked pharmacists to strip their shelves of homeopathic products and warned doctors not to prescribe them because they do nothing.因为并没证据指出这类药物在任何方面有效地用,所以澳大利亚皇家普通医师学会建议药剂师不该屯储此类药物。澳大利亚普通医师政府机构此前早已拒绝医药师不要将顺势疗法产品放置下架。由于此类药物并不起任何效用,同时警告医生不要进此类药物的处方。The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) has formally recommended GPs stop prescribing homeopathic remedies and says pharmacists must also stop stocking such products because there is no evidence they are effective in any way.澳大利亚皇家普通医师学会(RACGP)已月建议普通医师不要为顺势化疗药开处方,并且由于并没证据指出此类药品在各方面有效地用,同时禁令医药师储存该类药品。

The RACGPs position statement on homeopathy, released on Wednesday, follows recent findings by the National Health and Medical Research Council that homeopathy produces no benefits over and above a placebo.根据近日以来全国公共卫生与医学研究委员会得出结论的找到,星期三,澳大利亚皇家普通医师学会公开发表立场声明明确提出,顺势治疗法并无法获取多达安慰剂的效用。The RACGP president, Dr Frank Jones, warned people who turned to homeopathic products to address health issues could be putting themselves at risk.Such unproven products might cause them to delay seeking out proper medical care, or lead them to reject conventional medical approaches entirely, he said.澳大利亚皇家普通医师学会主席弗兰克琼斯博士(Dr Frank Jones)警告那些用顺势化疗药化疗的人将不会让他们自己置放危险性之中。他提及,用于那些予以证实(效用的)药物可能会耽搁谋求(拒绝接受)准确化疗(的时间),或者误导他们几乎拒绝接受传统疗法。

He expressed particular concerns about so-called homeopathic vaccines.These alternatives do not prevent diseases or increase protective antibodies and there is no plausible biological mechanism by which these alte首页rnatives could prevent infection, he said. Individuals and the community are exposed to preventable diseases when homeopathic vaccines are used as an alternative to conventional immunisation.他同时回应了对所谓的顺势疗法疫苗的尤其担忧。他谈及,这些方案并无法防治疾病,也无法减少保护性抗体。并且也没涉及的生物学机理指出这些方案需要避免病毒感染。当顺势疫苗作为最合适方案替代常规免疫接种时,个体和社区都会曝露在一个可防治的疾病(的环境)中。

Dr Jones said the lack of evidence about any benefits from homeopathy must prompt doctors and pharmacists to turn their backs on it. Given this lack of evidence, it does not make sense for homeopathy products to be prescribed by GPs or sold, recommended or supported by pharmacists, he said. RACGP noted all taxpayers were funding homeopathy through the federal governments private health insurance rebate.弗兰克琼斯博士(Dr Frank Jones)提及正是因为并没证据指出顺势疗法(对人体)获取任何益处,医生和医药师更加应当背叛这种疗法。他说道,由于缺乏证据,普通医师进顺势疗法药物的处方或者医药师贩卖、引荐、反对(用于)(顺势疗法的药物),都是没意义的。澳大利亚皇家普通医师学会认为所有纳税人的资金顺势通过联邦政府的私人医疗保险免税。