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【og视讯平台】1sec Inc, a company focuses on fabricating projects in virtual and reality space, has developed Japans first male virtual influencer, Liam Nikuro.专心于虚拟世界和现实空间项目制作的1sec公司研发了日本第一个男性虚拟世界人气形象“利亚姆·尼库罗”。Liam is powered by computer processing, 3D CG technology that are used to project virtual three-dimensional objects首页 onto flat surfaces, creating images with a sense of depth.利亚姆是由计算机3D CG技术制备的。3D CG技术用作将虚拟世界三维物体感应到平面上,创立具备立体感的图像。

The use of this technology is becoming increasingly common in media such as live-action and animated films as well as video games.这种技术的用于在媒体中更加广泛,例如真人电影、动画电影以及视频游戏。Liam is a virtual character who was created by superimposing an all-CG head made with the use of 3D tools on a body filmed in live action.利亚姆是通过把利用3D工具制作的全cg头部变换在真人摄制的身体上,而建构出有的虚拟世界人物。

He is set to work in the fields of music, fashion, and entertainment, where he will be involved in the production of a wide range of content as a multimedia producer.他将活跃在音乐、时尚和娱乐领域,作为多媒体制作人参予制作范围普遍的作品。He will also be at the center of efforts aimed at producing innovative creative content in combination with AI (artificial intelligence) technology.他还将和人工智能技术融合,作为主力创作出有具备创新性的东西。Liam may be virtual, but we are aiming to create content that is just as fascinating and cool as what his real counterparts have to offer, and to entertain people all over the planet. said Genie, producer of the Liam Nikuro project.利亚姆·尼库罗项目的创作者吉尼说道:“利亚姆有可能是虚拟世界的,但我们的目标是和他的现实输掉一样建构出有杰出炫酷的内容,并给全世界的人带给享用。

”We are working on a variety of projects that we intend to bring to the world in the near future.“我们正在前进各种各样的项目,想再行过旋即面世。_og视讯平台。