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og视讯平台:China has developed a bullet train that can convert its sleeping berths to seats to meet demand for around-the-clock operations, a train maker said last Monday.一家列车生产商与上周一声称,我国已研制出一种具备座枯切换功能的动车,以符合全天候运营的市场需求。Nicknamed Panda because of their black-and-white nose design, two CRH5E trains came off the assembly line at the CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicle Co, said a manager with the company.据中车长春轨道客车公司的一名经理讲解,两列CRH5E动车组在该公司下线。

因为黑白相间的车头设计,CRH5E动车组被称作熊猫Among the 16 carriages on the trains, 13 of them are equipped with compartments with both seats and beds.CRH5E动车组共计16节车厢,其中13节车厢配有了既有卧铺又有座位的包厢。The beds for night operations can be folded into seats during the daytime, the manager said.该经理称之为,用作夜间运营的床铺在白天可拆卸成座位。Passengers in the compartments have access to Wi-Fi and can charge their electric devices with installed sockets or USB ports.包厢乘客可相连Wi-Fi,利用包厢内加装的插座或USB插口为电子设备电池。

With a maximum speed of 250 km per hour, the trains can run in temperatures as low as -40℃.这款动车组可在气温较低至零下40℃的环境下运营,最低时速为250公里。Sound proofing and vibration damping can reduce noise inside the carriages to 65 decibels when the trains run at maximum speed, a noise level suitable for conversation, the manager said.这位经理还回应,在列车运行到最低时速时,隔音和减振可以将车厢内噪音减少到65分贝,该噪音水平合适谈话。