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珠峰高度因尼泊尔大地震改变? 印度准备重新测量:og视讯平台



og视讯平台|The Indian government has said it plans to measure the height of Mount Everest for a second time to assess whether it changed as a result of the 2015 Nepal earthquake.为了证实珠穆朗玛峰高度在2015年尼泊尔大地震后否经常出现变化,印度政府日前回应,计划新的测量珠峰的高度。Surveyor-General Swarna Subba Rao said an expedition would be sent to the worlds highest mountain in two months.印度测量部门总监拉奥称之为,印度测量局将要在两个月内派出科考队回国实地测量这座全球最高峰。


Nepalese officials, however, told the BBC that no agreement had been reached on allowing an Indian team access.然而,尼泊尔方面的官员却向BBC透漏,目前两国间未就容许印度科考队入境测量达成协议。Satellite data has indicated the quake impact reduced the height of the peak.根据卫星数据表明,该次地震显然给珠峰的高度造成了一定影响。

The most widely recognised height, 8,848m (29,028ft), came from an Indian survey 62 years ago.最普遍接纳的珠峰高度为8848米(29028英尺),是印度于62年前测得的。Scientists have said that the height of a swathe of the Himalayas dropped by around one metre shortly after the 7.8 magnitude Nepal earthquake.在尼泊尔经历了7.8级反感地震后旋即,科学家就推断珠峰高度上升了近1米。They added at the time that a ground survey and GPS or an airborne mission would be needed to determine whether the worlds highest peak had seen a change in its height by a few centimetres.他们还补足说,要证实珠峰高度否变化了,必须通过地面测量、卫星定位或是一次伞兵任务来判断。Mr Rao said it was still unclear whether the earthquake had affected Everests height.拉奥回应,地震否影响了珠峰的高度,目前尚能无法证实。

He told the Press Trust of India news agency that a 30-strong team would take about a month to make its observations and another 15 days to compute and declare its data.他向印度报业托拉斯透漏,此次印度方面预计将派遣一个30人的团队,用大约一个月的时间展开观测,另外用15天的时间对数据展开计算出来并最后发布结果。。