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og视讯平台:U.S. scientists released fresh data bolstering the case for the existence of the Higgs boson, a long-sought particle crucial to scientists current understanding of how the universe is built. 美国的科学家发布了反对希格斯玻色子(Higgs boson)不存在的近期数据。希格斯玻色子是人类长期以来仍然在找寻的一种粒子,它对于科学家目前对宇宙包含的解读十分最重要。 The data, from the U.S. Department of Energys Tevatron collider near Chicago, isnt enough on its own to confirm the existence of the Higgs particle. However, experimental results to be announced by European physicists on Wednesday will provide a stronger signal of where the Higgs is likely to be hiding. 这些数据来自于芝加哥附近的美国能源部正负质子对撞机。

单凭这些数据并不需要证明希格斯玻色子的不存在。不过,欧洲物理学家周三将要发布的实验结果将为希格斯玻色子有可能隐蔽在何处获取更加多线索。 Proof that the particle exists would help explain a big puzzle: why some objects in the universe-such as the quark, a constituent of protons-have mass, while other objects-such as photons, the constituent of light-possess only energy. 希格斯玻色子不存在的证据将有助说明一个根本性疑惑:为什么宇宙中的有些物质有质量,比如包含质子的单元夸克,而其他物质仅有享有能量,比如包含光的粒子光子。 By extension, its discovery would help explain the presence of stars, planets and humans, and thus rank as one of the biggest coups for modern-day physics. 更进一步谈,希格斯玻色子的找到将有助说明恒星、行星和人类不存在的原因,因此被指出将是现代物理学最根本性的找到之一。


The officials at the European particle-physics laboratory CERN, meanwhile, are tight-lipped. Whatever is announced on Wednesday will be interesting, said James Gillies, spokesman for the European lab. As to whether or not it might confirm the discovery of Higgs, its nature who will decide, not us, he added. 欧洲的粒子物理实验室──欧洲核子研究的组织(CERN)的官员目前仍维持着绝望。该的组织发言人吉利斯(James Gillies)说道,无论周三发布了什么消息,都会十分有意思。

至于这些数据否不会证实希格斯玻色子的不存在,吉利斯说道,这要由大自然来要求,不是我们。 Because nobody knows what the mass of a Higgs boson might be, the particle must be hunted indirectly, typically in giant machines that propel particles to near-light speed, then smash them together and generate an array of other subatomic particles. 由于没有人告诉一个希格斯玻色子的质量有可能是多少,该粒子必需通过间接方式被获得。