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og视讯平台_Google has narrowed the gap with Apple in the amount spent on apps by users of its Android system this year, even though users of Apple’s iPhone and iPad remain the biggest spenders on digital content.在用户的应用于开支方面,今年谷歌(Google)的安卓(Android)系统增大了与苹果(Apple)的差距,虽然苹果的iPhone和iPad用户依然是在数字内容上花钱最少的群体。A new report from Distimo, tracking spending on Apple’s App Store and Google Play, also revealed the dramatic extent to which business models for app developers have shifted from upfront payments to in-app purchasing, in part driven by messaging apps in Asia.Distimo的一份近期报告追踪了苹果应用于商店(App Store)和Google Play的用户开支,结果显示应用于开发商的商业模式早已再次发生了根本性变化,从前端收费改变为应用于内出售,这部分是受到亚洲地区聊天应用于的推展。According to IDC, Apple’s smartphone market share stood at 13 per cent in the third quarter, down from 14 per cent a year earlier, while Android’s had increased from 75 per cent to 81 per cent over the same period. By contrast, Distimo found that Apple’s share of app store spending in November remained much higher at 63 per cent in November, compared with 37 per cent for Google Play.市场调研公司IDC的数据表明,今年第三季度,苹果在智能手机领域的市场份额为13%,高于上年同期的14%,而安卓的市场份额则从75%升到81%。


但Distimo找到,今年11月苹果在应用于商店用户开支方面的份额平稳在63%,仍远高于Google Play的37%。However, Google’s share has risen from 30 per cent since June, eating into Apple’s lead. Many Android handsets are sold in China, where Google Play is not widely available and third-party app stores are more popular, which accounts for some of the disparity.但谷歌的份额比起今年6月的30%有所下降,指出其正在风化苹果的领先优势。大量安卓终端是在中国销售,而Google Play在中国的普及程度不低,第三方应用于商店更为风行,这部分造成了谷歌在智能手机与用户应用于开支两方面的份额差异。

Average daily combined spending on the 200 apps that generate the most revenue on Apple’s app store rose from $15m to $18m during the past year, Distimo estimates, while Google’s equivalent almost quadrupled during the same period, from $3.5m to $12m.据Distimo估计,在过去一年中,苹果应用于商店收益名列前200的应用于,平均值每日的总用户开支从1500万美元减至了1800万美元,而谷歌的同口径用户开支则快速增长了近三倍,从350万美元减至1200万美元。“The Apple App Store is still leading in terms of total revenue,” said Distimo analyst Christel Schoger. “However, during 2013 Google Play’s piece of the pie was consistently increasing month over month.”Distimo分析师克里斯特尔朔格尔(Christel Schoger)回应:“苹果应用于商店在总收入方面依然领先。


但2013年Google Play的市场份额逐月持续上升。”Google overtook Apple by the volume of apps downloaded this year, analysts say, but Android has taken longer to catch the iPhone in terms of the amount spent on those apps.分析师认为,今年谷歌的应用于下载量多达了苹果,但安卓手机要想要在应用于开支方面跟上iPhone还须要更加长时间。_og视讯平台。