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苹果2018款iPad将取消Home键 改用面容ID:og视讯平台


og视讯平台-Apples iOS 12.1 release back in September hinted at a new iPad launch before the year is out, and now new details have emerged on exactly what the device might look like.今年9月,苹果在公布新的iOS 12.1系统时回应,将在年底前将发售新款iPad,现在有关这款设备外观的新细节早已浮出水面。According to 9to5macsources familiar with the development of the new 2018 iPad Pro have revealed there will be two Wog视讯平台iFi models in both size options, as well as two LTE models in both size options.据9to5mac网站对2018年新款iPad Pro研发有所理解的消息人士透漏,两种型号的iPad都将配有两个WiFi版本和两个LTE版本。The new iPad will also come with Face ID, using the same signal processor as the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, and itll work in both portrait and landscape mode.此外,新款iPad还将配有面容ID,用于与iPhone XS、XS Max和XR完全相同的信号处理器,可以在横向和纵向屏幕模式下工作。

Itll have an edge-to-edge display and, like the iPhone, its doing away with the Home Button — and it wont have a notch.新款iPad将配备一块全面屏,就像iPhone一样,中止Home键,没凹槽。Other features include a USB-C port (so itll be able to output 4K HDR video to external displays) and a magnetic connector for accessories.其他特征还包括USB-C端口(这样它就可以将4K高清视频输入到外部显示器上)和配件连接器。9to5mac also reports a new version of the Apple Pencil will be released in conjunction with the new iPad, and will be paired to the device by proximity, like AirPods or HomePod.9to5mac网站还报导称之为,新版Apple Pencil将与新的iPad一起公布,并将与iPad筛选,就像AirPods或HomePod。It had been speculated that Apple would reveal the new iPad models at its September event. Now, it seems likely there will be an announcement in the coming weeks — one which will probably include details on new Macs, too.之前曾有猜测称之为苹果不会在9月份的发布会上公布新款iPad。