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【og视讯平台】A big push for Apple this year is recycling, as it uses partners and fancy new robots to make sure that valuable parts from the millions of iPhones sold per year dont end up in landfills.今年,苹果公司的众多前进就是重复使用工作,该公司利用合作伙伴以及新奇的新型机器人,来确保每年数以万计的已售iPhone中的贵重零件会落幕在垃圾填埋场中。The company released its annual environmental report on last Thursday, and it included some information about just hog视讯平台ow much it can recover from its old computers — over 61 million pounds of steel, aluminum, glass, and other materials. As part of that, Apple recovered 2,204 pounds of gold — well over a ton.上周四,苹果公司公布了公司年度环境报告。


这份报告总结了通过重复使用旧电脑而取得的价值的信息,即该公司某种程度取得了多达6100万磅钢、铝、玻璃和其它材料,而且还取得了2204磅(相似一吨)的黄金。At the current spot price of 1,229.80 dollars per troy ounce of gold, Apple recovered just under 40 million dollars in gold from old phones and computers.按照当前每盎司黄金1229.80美元的价格计算出来,苹果通过重复使用旧电脑和智能手机取得了价值近4000万美元的黄金。But where did this 39,502,000 dollars of gold come from? According to Fairphone, an activist group focused on electronics supply chains, the average smartphone uses 30 milligrams of gold, mostly in circuit boards and other internal components.但是苹果取得的这价值3950.2万美元的黄金到底来自于哪里?致力于电子产业供应链调查的保守的组织Fairphone认为,平均值每部智能手机要用于30毫克的黄金,这些黄金主要用作电路板和其它内部配件。And Apple recycles millions of iPhones and other computers that have tiny bits of gold in them. Its also possible that Apple might have recycled a few Apple Watch editions, which have been estimated to have over 50 grams of 18-karat gold in it. But its hard to imagine people who spent over 10,000 dollars on an Apple Watch would turn it back to Apple for recycling in less than a year.苹果重复使用的iPhone和旧电脑仅有用于了少量的黄金。


还有一种可能性,是苹果有可能重复使用了少量的特别版Apple Watch。业内仍然预计,每块特别版Apple Watch都用于了多达50克的18K金黄金。不过很难以相信有人会花多达1万美元出售一块Apple Watch,然后在用于将近一年之后又交还给苹果用作重复使用。