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og视讯平台|全球首发 兰博基尼Huracan LP 610-4



【og视讯平台】Not necessarily into the brash, bullish, brute image generally associated with Lamborghinis?不那么讨厌一般来说与兰博基尼汽车联系在一起的刻薄、热情和野兽般的形象?Then you’ll love the latest one. Consider if you please the new Hurácan LP 610-4, Lamborghini’s 610-horsepower carbon fiber coupe. Designed as the successor to the iconic Gallardo, it’s considerably more refined than previous offerings from the Italian brand with a fresh new look inspired by the excellent Aventador and refined in a new improved body made of carbon fiber and aluminum. (Translation: It’s lighter with better rigidity!)那么这款近期车型有可能合乎你的心意。请求考虑到兰博基尼最新款610马力碳纤维双门硬顶跑车——Hurácan LP 610-4。

作为典范车型Gallardo的继任者,它比该意大利品牌之前的产品更为讲究;启发源自非同凡响的Aventador,使用全新外观;车身也获得改良,使用碳纤维和铝合金生产。Hurácan has a mid-mounted 5.2-liter V10 engine that pairs the aforementioned 610 horsepower with 413 pound-feet of torque over all four wheels. It also offers Lamborghini’s first-ever seven-speed, dual-clutch transmission. (Sorry boys, no manual drive available.)Hurácan配备一个中置5.2升至V10引擎,使用四轮驱动系统,仅次于功率610马力,仅次于扭矩413磅·英尺。该车还装备了兰博基尼首个7速双离合变速箱(说什么各位,这款车没手动档版本)。



All to say that this car will hit 62mph in 3.2 seconds and has a top speed of more than 200 mph.该车可以在3.2秒内从惯性加快至62英里每小时,最低时速多达200英里每小时。Also on offer in the new whip: Standard carbon ceramic brakes, three drive modes and a stop-start technology that improves efficiency. Magnetic shocks and a variable steering system are optional.这款新车的配备还包括:标配碳陶刹车盘、三种驾驶员模式以及启停技术(可以增加油耗)。

磁流变避震挂控制系统以及一个星型传动比动态改向系统是附加配备。And lest you traditionalists wonder, this Lamborghini, too, is named after a famous fighting bull. The bull Huracán of the 首页Spanish Conte de la Patilla breed was known for his outstanding courage and strong sense of attack. He fought in Alicante in August 1879 and according to Lamborghini records showed “unrelenting character” while remaining defiant and invincible, thus entering into the legend of fighting bulls’ history.为免除各位传统为首人士明确提出疑惑,特地解释一下,这款兰博基尼汽车某种程度以一头知名的斗牛的名字命名。享有西班牙斗牛Conte de la Patilla血统的Huracán因其非凡的勇气以及强劲的反击意识著称。

根据兰博基尼的记录,1879年8月这头斗牛在Alicante战斗时,展示出“誓言屈服的性格”并始终保持昂扬斗志,因而沦为斗牛历史上的一个传奇。Private previews of the car start next month, but look for the live public debut next March at the Geneva Motor Show. I’m not typically the bullish type, but if Hurácan handles anything like its predecessor, we’ll get along just fine.该车的私人预览从下个月开始,不过它将在明年3月的日内瓦车展(Geneva Motor Show)上公开发表亮相。