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【og视讯平台】Web 1.0 phenom Justin Kitch sold his Homestead small-business site to Intuit in 2007 and went to work there. After a while, he left.2007年,Web 1.0时代的传奇人物贾斯丁·邓加将他创立的小规模网站Homestead Technologies 卖给了金融服务软件公司财捷集团,后一度还在这家公司供职。但旋即之后他就请辞了。

But just a few months ago, after mulling the tech scene, he was back with $7.5 million from Redpoint Ventures, as well as prominent individual investors such as Bill Campbell.就在数月之前,在仔细分析了信息技术领域的发展季候之后,他从著名创投公司白点投资跳槽,带着7500万美元重返这个领域,和比尔·坎贝尔等高级个人投资者的自由选择一样。The idea? Curious, a lifelong learning startup aimed at connecting teachers and students via short-format video-based interactive lessons, from salsa dancing to banjo picking. The education space online is booming, with a myriad of experiments being launched in many genres.他重返这一行业的目的是什么?是创立Curious 这样一家在线的终身教育公司,致力于通过以视频为基础的对话课程使教师和学生互相交流,课程内容五花八门,从萨尔萨舞课到班卓琴弹奏课。

在线教育空间正在迅猛发展,在各个学科领域进行了无数的教育实验。Kitch recently opened up the platform to allow more teachers on it, giving them a variety of tools to make money, of which Curious gets a cut.邓加最近新创建了一个网络教育平台,这一平台将可以容纳更好的教师网上教学,使他们取得利润的方式多样化,而Curious公司则将借此分一杯羹。_og视讯平台。