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og视讯平台_Funding of 17.3 million pounds for artificial intelligence and robotics research to be carried out by British universities is to be announced by the government.英国政府日前宣告,将向全国各所大学投放1730万英镑,以用作人工智能和机器人的研究。It is part of the governments digital strategy, to be published by Culture Secretary Karen Bradley last Wednesday.文化部部长卡伦·布拉举出在上周三回应,这是政府数字战略的一部分。Backing our thriving digital economy to expand and grow by putting the best foundations in place to develop new technology is a vital part of this government首页s plan to build a modern, dynamic and global trading nation, she said.她说:“反对我们于是以蓬勃发展的数字化经济,把最差的硬件设施获取给发展中的新技术是政府计划的一部分,这一计划就是要发展一个现代化的、有活力的、国际贸易型的国家。


”A report by Accenture released last year estimated that AI could contribute up to 654bn pound to the UK economy by 2035.Accenture公司在去年公布的调查报告中预测,截至2035年,人工智能对英国经济做出的贡献将低约6540亿英镑。But the government was criticised last year for its support of the UK tech scene.但是英国政府由于对科技的过高投放而在去年曾遭抨击。As part of the new digital strategy, computer scientist Prof Dame Wendy Hall and tech CEO Jerome Pesenti, former chief data scientist at IBM, have been asked to review the UKs artificial intelligence sector.作为新兴数字战略的一部分,计算机科学家达梅·温迪·霍尔教授和科技公司CEO、前IBM首席数据科学家杰罗姆·佩森迪早已应邀重回人工智能领域。

Our scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs are at the forefront of the development of artificial intelligence and Im looking forward to exploring how industry and government can work together to support the technology in the UK, said Dame Wendy.达梅·温迪回应:“我们的科学家、研究工作者和企业家们都回头在人工智能发展的最前沿,我对这一产业和政府之间将不会怎样合作互惠、从而推展英国科技的发展很期望。_og视讯平台。