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og视讯平台_阿里巴巴10亿美元控股东南亚同行 Alibaba buys controlling Lazada stake


og视讯平台:Chinese ecommerce group Alibaba has announced a $1bn deal to take a controlling stake in its Southeast Asian counterpart Lazada, as it looks to expand beyond China’s increasingly saturated market. 中国电商集团阿里巴巴(Alibaba)宣告耗资10亿美元取得东南亚电商Lazada的控股权。阿里巴巴于是以谋求在日益饱和状态的中国市场以外扩展。 As well as taking roughly $500m in new shares, the Chinese group is replacing big-name European investors such as Rocket Internet, the Berlin-based start-up incubator, and Tesco, the UK supermarket chain, which are selling down significant stakes in Lazada. 在出资大约5亿美元出售Lazada新股的同时,阿里巴巴将代替Lazada的欧洲大牌投资者,例如总部坐落于柏林的初创企业孵化器Rocket Internet和英国餐馆连锁乐购(Tesco),这些投资者将平安保险在Lazada的大量股权。


The deal, announced yesterday, sees Alibaba join a number of large Chinese companies, including Anbang Insurance and Dalian Wanda, which are hunting for foreign acquisitions. 昨日宣告的这项交易令其阿里巴巴重新加入找寻境外并购目标的很多中国大企业的行列,还包括安邦保险(Anbang Insurance)和沈阳万达(Dalian Wanda)。 “Globalisation is a critical strategy for the growth of Alibaba Group today and well into the future,” Michael Evans, Alibaba president, said. “With the investment in Lazada, Alibaba gains access to a platform with a large and growing consumer base outside China.” “全球化是阿里巴巴现在以及未来很长时间的一项最重要快速增长战略,”阿里巴巴总裁迈克尔埃文斯(Michael Evans)回应,“通过投资Lazada,阿里巴巴在中国以外取得了一个享有大规模且大大减少的消费者群体的平台。


” The relatively untapped Southeast Asia market is attractive to Alibaba as the Chinese ecommerce sector appears saturated with a slowdown in quarterly revenue growth. Ecommerce accounts for about 3 per cent of retail sales in Southeast Asia compared with 8-10 per cent in China. 比较研发严重不足的东南亚市场对阿里巴巴极具吸引力,因为中国电商行业或许已饱和状态,造成季度收益增长速度上升。在东南亚,电商占到零售销售的3%左右,而中国为8%至10%。-og视讯平台。